Paw Movement for the World

About Tombili

Tombili was a cute cat living in Istanbul. He always has a calm and relaxed demeanor. He loved to lie down on street corners and rest. He became famous among the locals as “The chubby, lazy cat”.

It would be a dazzling sight every day in the Kadıköy district. He would impress people with Tombili’s stance. People would stop by and take pictures with him, scratching the back of his ear. They were happy to spend time with him.

However, it was time to say goodbye to Tombili in 2016. He is no longer with us. But at the end of that year, a statue was erected symbolizing Tombili’s famous pose. The statue reflected Tombili lying comfortably. People would visit the statue and take souvenir photos with it.

Tombili’s legacy still lives on on social media. People share memories and photos of him. The Tombili is remembered as a friendly and calm cat who brings happiness and joy to the people around him.

It’s really nice to be remembered and bring joy to people’s lives. Tombili feels like he’s there to put smiles on people’s faces. Her story and shared memories are used to inspire people and add some joy to their lives.

About Tombili Token

Tombili Token is a MEME cryptocurrency created to support the welfare of stray animals. It is used to honor Tombili’s heritage and make a difference for street animals. Token holders support projects that help stray animals by purchasing and holding Tombili Tokens. These projects may include veterinary services, improvement of shelters, sterilization efforts, feeding programs and awareness campaigns. Tombili Token is a tool that people can use their financial moves to make a tangible impact on the life of street animals.

Buy Fee %2

1% Marketing , 1% Donation to Stray Animal Protection Associations

Sell Fee %2

1% Buyback& Burn , 1% Liquidty

Very Low Supply

A total of 100,000 Tokens.

LP Lock

Liquidity locked for 6 months

Simple, easy, safe

Simplified and safu contract

Reliable Team

Experienced team in NFT, Gaming and Crypto.

Token INFO


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Token Ticker: TOMB
Conract Adress


Token Name: TOMBILI Token


Road Map

"Tombili Token aims to improve the welfare of stray animals and grow the project with these future plans."

  • Phase One: Launch and Marketing

    * Successful launch.
    * Reaching the target audience with effective marketing strategies.
    *Promoting community growth through active content sharing on social media platforms.
    *Expanding collaborations with partners and donors.

    *Fast Track CMC&CG

    *Ave Listing and Trending

    * Performing listings and collaborations with new CEX.
    *Providing liquidity on CEX and DEX.
    *Providing integrated CEX solutions where users can easily buy and trade Tombili Token.

  • Phase Two: Product Development

    *Developing Tombili Token application and increasing functionality.
    *Adding features that facilitate donations and provide traceability.
    *Providing solutions that facilitate access to veterinary services.

  • Phase Three: Global Expansion and Collaborations

    *Expanding the use and benefits of Tombili Token by establishing international collaborations.
    *Starting donation projects for stray animals in other countries.
    *Promoting community growth through global promotion and marketing efforts.


Tombili Token is a cryptocurrency created to improve the welfare of street animals. It is used to support projects that benefit street animals and to honor Tombili’s legacy.

Tombili Token is built on blockchain technology and operates on the BEP20 network. It allows for secure and fast transfers between users. Token holders can also contribute to donations for street animals using their tokens.

Tombili Token will be listed on exchanges for trading. The sale and exchange of tokens will be conducted through these platforms. Stay tuned to our official website and social media channels for more information.

Tombili Token holders contribute to the project’s growth and support projects for street animals. Additionally, they have the potential to benefit from the token economy.

Tombili Token supports various projects that aim to improve the welfare of street animals. This may include veterinary services, shelter support, spaying/neutering campaigns, and awareness initiatives.

A total of 100,000 Tombili Tokens will be created. 75% will be made available for sale, while the remaining 25% will be locked as CEX and DEX liquidity.

The team behind Tombili Token is composed of experienced individuals who are passionate about animal welfare. They bring diverse expertise and contribute to the project’s development and success.

Tombili Token has established partnerships with organizations and entities that share the same vision of improving the lives of street animals. These collaborations strengthen the impact of the project.

Tombili Token aims to expand globally through international collaborations and initiate projects to support street animal welfare in other countries. The roadmap outlines quarterly goals and milestones.

Risks associated with Tombili Token include market volatility and potential cybersecurity threats. Security measures such as encryption and auditing are implemented to mitigate these risks and ensure the safety of the token ecosystem.


You can support Tombili Token by purchasing the tokens, spreading awareness about the project on your social media platforms, and getting involved in initiatives for street animals. Your contribution makes a difference!

Tombili Token stands out by combining the world of cryptocurrency with a mission to improve the lives of street animals. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals to invest while making a positive impact on animal welfare.